Parc Yoga

At PARC studio we love Yoga; the royal path to self-knowledge. With yoga benefits are experienced immediately and long-term, not just on a physical level but in all aspects of our lives.

parkyoga-fotoA PARC yoga class includes asana’s, breathing practices, attention to the mental attitude and meditation. Also known as the eight-fold Path. Vinyasa flow and basic hatha yoga classes are for everyone to follow, naturally


To experience the natural power of yoga; connecting body & mind; feeling free and happy inside ourselves. Professional, experienced and passionate teachers who love to teach.

PARC Yoga lessen zijn in engels en nederlands te volgen, in groepen of privé lessen.

-The sanskrit word asana means seat. Seat means connection to the earth. Earth means all beings and all things. The practice of asana is the practice of refining your connection to the earth-


Beginners class: for students who are new to yoga or wish to learn basic yoga techniques and foundation like the sun sallutation. Recommended 10 classes before visiting level 1 class.

All level class: intense yoga class open for more experienced beginners and all level yogi’s, medium flow and intensity, Sun sallutations A and B, breathing and inversions. No first timers…

Level 1 class:  Basic Flow of Sun sallutations A and B, breath and intensifying asana’s, understanding the basic foundation of yoga.

Level 2 : Fun Flow of Sun Sallutations A and B and asana’s, with intense breath, high intensity exploring asana’s.

Yin Yang Class:  Basic Sun sallutations combined with Yin postures which target tissues through breathing deeply into the posture or asana.