Parc Team

-Sometimes you just need some personal attention-

At PARC Studio you will meet passionate and experienced people who love and teach yoga, coaching or massages, who whish to inspire and motivate you. In a group class of private session, our attention is yours.“ The art of life is life as art. Yoga means joining toghether what we do with who we are: Love itself. “

The major problems in a person’s life are usually never solved through thinking. When you are able to elevate your mind beyond your thoughts, a solutions is evident.

Regina Potma is the founder at PARC Studio. For years she has combined coaching with yoga and ayurveda, a magical combination, she says. “I’m excited and happy to be able to share experiences in PARC  Studio”. And proud to work with a great team of teachers and artists…


PARC team:

Gwen Langenberg is passionate as a danser and as a Iyengar certified teacher. She has a passion for Body & and Mind processes and is a talented teacher. Her calming voice, lovely smile and great technique is a blessing for PARC Studio. Combining her international dance and theater  career, join her classes when she is town!




ReginaRegina discovered yoga when she was an aerobic teacher during her studies International Management. While training for the New York Marathon she started to practise regularly to prevent injuries. Soon she experienced the power of yoga in her daily live and following her classes and workshops at Svaha Yoga for years. Here she finished her Svaha Teachers Training 500 + hours. Working as a Lifecoach and Ayurvedic therapeut, the mix of the three is tremendously powerfull. Currently she is sharing  yoga coaching in private sessions. As a teacher she  teaches students at ATMA intstitute for coaching: opleiding tot lifecoahing, Kindercoaching and yoga coaching.

Irene has a lovely vinyasa and her charming voice will take you guide her classes while getting you sweat in her vinyasa or soft in her Yin Yang class on Tuesday’s or join her for a great Saturday afternoon class.

Iryna has finished her Svaha TT and joined PARC to share al her Yoga passion and Love for Bhakti Yoga, traveling to India and devoted to spreading lot’s of yoga fun at PARC, her soft and intense Vinyasa classes will uplift you.

Farrah has been at PARC from the start and trained herself into a devoted Teacher, warm, open and ready for al students to introduce yoga with full attention. Playful and teaching kids yoga and big people, we just love her.

Lex is our guest teacher, a passionate vinyasa expert and meditation practitioner. His Saturday morning guest classes are intense and fun!


Yiwen, is a talented yogini with her true asian background.Grown up in a Chinese family, I was influenced by “Wu Wei” (inaction in action) from Tao. As a guidance in life, it is extended by the yoga practice at Svaha, where a beautiful combination of all four paths of yoga is taught in a traditional way by my teachers Gosta and Patrick. When I became a mother, I made a career change from a scientific researcher to a yoga teacher for both kids and adults. I wish this transformation could help me, the kids and maybe more people to deal with the complexity in reality. Life is fun, let’s learn how to play and enjoy like kids.

Tobias welcomes you in the Sunday & Wednesday 18:00 class, with the harmonium and his happy smiling face. With his Svaha TT background and his personal approach into yoga he will inspire you, and calm you with his amazing patience.

Lahma fills the studio with her unconditional Love; het experience and knowledge combined with her YIN passion and intense deepening classes are loved by all of us. A great opportunity to take her class and feel her loving attention. traveling from India to Amsterdam to India.