A studio for personal & professional life support for successful living. Combining the power of lifecoaching with ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic principles of natural law. Creating a way of live in harmony both with the world around us and within ourselves, developing a balanced, joyful and healthy life, naturally

A natural integrated support experience offering:
– lifecoaching sessions and programs
– Ayurvedisch massage therapie
– Ayurvedic lifestyle advice
– Yoga coaching programs
– Yoga classes groups and private
– Integrated coaching for children and parents
– Yoga for kids
A professional team of experienced and educated involved coaches and teachers.

What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is one of the most remarkable holistic medical systems in the world covering all aspects of health and well-being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It includes methods of healing from diet, herbs, exercise, massages and lifestyle regiments to yogic practices and meditation.
– Ayurveda is one of the most important global systems of selfhealing mind-body medicine.

What is lifecoaching?
A professional personal coach which allows you to deepen, intensify and develop innergrowth, natural talents and success in all aspects of life; using integrated coaching tools designed to explore the self, its goals and experience peace of mind naturally.

– Getting to the essence of life, your life, daily life, effectively & naturally

What is yoga?
Yoga is an ancient science of Self-realization; combining yoga philosophy ( do’s & don’ts in life), physical practices (asana’s), breath exercises ( pranayama), mindfulness (concentration) and meditation, restoring wholeness in body, mind and spirit, both individually and collectively.

– Empowerment to the extreme, connecting to the powerful source of life.

Today’s life is full with big stress factors, conflicts, pollution and diseases. Connecting to the inner strength of the natural healing power, allowing us to deal with all these disturbances and other harmful influences in a natural way, finding our own shining healthy way of living life joyfully and being free.

An unique place where people can meet, exchange, relax, connect, get inspired but most of all experience the natural powers of Yoga, Ayurveda and Coaching in order to live life healthy and free, naturally

– Being useful, happy and joyful and inspire others to be so too!