Welcome at PARC Studio

Hello 2017; let's create an absolute balance of  interacting activities and processes of the physical body, mind and energy. With this balance, awakening starts, the evolution of human consiousness.

PARC YOGA, living life happy naturally consciously

YOGA classes for beginners to experienced practitioner.

A personal guidance to YOGA


Experience peace of mind,

experience your full potential, naturally!



Yogas-Citta-Vrtti-Nirodah - Yoga Sutra 1.2



- Yoga is attained when you stop to identify with the movements of the mind,

and identify with the Self, the spirit beyond the body and mind -


Please walk in for classes; or bookings online...

You may find inner balance, mental focus or deep relaxation experiencing Yoga teachings from professional teachers, let's connect.


Please BOOK your  Yoga Classes and sessions here online.

Classes and private sessions are available in english and dutch.


PARC  Yoga for beginner and experienced yogi's ...

  • Sunday Mantra's every other sunday...
  • Starting New PARC Training introduction March 17th!
  • First  2 introduction classes within 2 weeks and get 15% off on your 10 x card!
  • Unlimited month pass 70 euro.
  • PARC Teachers are highly professional, well experienced and personal.
  • All classes are 1.5 hour.
  • starting 14 january, a new class saturday 12:30 class level 1


We're open 7 days a week.



Sarphatipark 119 b.g.

1073 CX Amsterdam

tel: 06 39 10 8885


PARC Coaches zijn gecertificeert door de NOBCO