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Flexibility of mind as well body allows for adaptability and ease of being in an ever-changing world; time to move on... PARC will move it's activities to Ibiza for Retreats and trainings in fall and spring  and will close in Amsterdam juli 23rd, please join us for this final class and read more about our activities and workshop the coming weeks.


PARC YOGA, living life happy naturally consciously

YOGA classes for beginners to experienced practitioner.

A personal guidance to YOGA


Experience peace of mind,

experience your full potential, naturally!



Yogas-Citta-Vrtti-Nirodah - Yoga Sutra 1.2



- Yoga is attained when you stop to identify with the movements of the mind,

and identify with the Self, the spirit beyond the body and mind -


Sign up for the following workshops in Amsterdam and Yoga retreats coming up in Ibiza; check out PARC Facebook page...

PARC has developed Yoga retreats and Trainings for  inner balance, mental focus or deep relaxation; Transformational  Yoga teachings with PARC's professional teachers, check out the workshops this month at PARC with Regina, Lahma, Gwen and Tobias.


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PARC  Studio's juli workshops and special closing day juli 23rd:

  • Workshop Saturday 8 Juli; Lahma's Yin Yang, 14:00-17:00  Yin Yang in Depth
  • Starting New PARC Intense Training 2018 in Ibiza: introduction day september 16 !
  • Join Gwen's Workshop sunday 22 juli 14:00  - 17:00: a deeper look into Alignment with Gwen..
  • A 10 class card for 95 euro's available till 23rd of juli.
  • Join PARC Teachers in Ibiza;  Fun &  highly professional, well experienced and personal.
  • All classes workshops are 35 euro of 3 strips with your PARC card.
  • No Yin classes on Sunday's
  • Join us  Sunday 23rd; Kiran 10:00 with Regina & Tobias, Yin Yang with Lahma and 1 hr Fun flow with Regina's Vinyasa.




Sarphatipark 119 b.g.

1073 CX Amsterdam

tel: 06 39 10 8885


PARC Coaches zijn gecertificeert door de NOBCO